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Maximize Good Credit Opportunities

Maximizing dealer finance isn't all about putting together special finance deals for customers with bad credit.  Frequently dealerships miss maximizing finance opportunities for good credit customer deals as well. These missed opportunities are most commonly attributed to F&I or Sales Management personnel miscalculating or misunderstanding critical finance call back terms and conditions.


Contact MDF to expand good credit finance sources and to fine tune your dealership's F&I for maximum dealer finance on every deal.


​It's pretty easy to get this right. Front end advance rates and advance dollars are usually clearly defined in finance provider callbacks. But, mistakes in book value sources, vehicle equipment options or a lack of understanding of the finance provider's advance guidelines can negatively impact call back advance rates.


Most dealership F&I offices are pretty good at selling add-on products. But understanding finance provider F&I product guidelines can be tricky and many maximum opportunities are lost when finance provider product advances are not clearly reflected in call back totals or when dealership personnel miscalculate the impact of the availability of additional back-end financing.  Additionally, fine tuning F&I options to match product offerings to auto finance providers' guidelines can help maximize every deal.



Maximum dealer finance means including rate reserve and finance incentive opportunities into your dealership's finance calculations on every deal. It also means preventing finance and product incentives from prioritizing personal rewards over the best deal for the dealership.


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